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10 SXY Jewellery

11 Vacant 11

12 100 grams of cookies (100 грама сладки)

8 Belami Nail Bar

E1-22 Reserved

Kiosk 7 Kiosk 7

P-1 beauty I zone

P-10C Etam

P-11 Hush Puppies


P-13 Parfois

P-14 Silver Court

P-15 A Fish Named Fred

P-16 Costa Coffee

P-17 Cache Bar

P-18 Guy Laroche Man

P-19A Yettel

P-19C Opticlasa

P-2 Al Forno

P-3 A1

P-4A Timeout

P-4B Celio

P-5 Europharm

P-6A iAbalka - Apple Authorized Reseller

P-7A The Clean Face

P-7A The Clean Face

P-7B P-7B

P-8/9 CCC

P19-A1 Vivacom

P19-D1 Juliany

P19-D2 Premium Cigars&Tobacco

P24-5 Zoo Center Vet Clinic