Tariff for staying at the parking lot of "Park Center Sofia" as of 01.06.2019

  • Free stay - 1 hour;
  • Stay from 1 (one) hour to 2 (two) hours - 1 (one) BNG VAT included;
  • For each hour after the 2nd (second) hour - 2 (two) BNG / hour with VAT;
  • Lost ticket - fine 20 leva.

1. Within the 60-minute grace period you can not pay your stay because you owe nothing.

When checking the ticket within the 60-minute grace period, the payment station will inform you that you owe nothing.
The payment of the stay in the parking lot can be made to the payment station after the 60-minute grace period has elapsed.

2. From the 61st minute of your stay you owe a fee - 1 BGN.

When you leave the parking lot after the 60-minute grace period you will need to pay for your stay. If you have not done so at the payment stations in the mall, this can only happen on the barrier of the Arsenalski Blvd.
A fee of 1 BNG may be paid at any time at within the 2-hour stay, but after the 60-minute grace period.
3. Upon expiration of the 2-hour period your stay rate is - 2 BNG per hour. E.g. every hour after the second is charged 2 BGN / hour.
4. For stays longer than 2 hours, the same departure conditions apply, described in paragraph 3.
5. Please keep your tickets until you leave the parking lot! The fee for a lost or destroyed ticket is 20 BNG.

Clients of the cinema "Cine Grand":

  • stay up to 4 hours - free of charge;
  • for each hour - 2 BGN per hour with VAT included.

Applies to a valideted ticket at the CINE GRAND cash desks at Park Center Sofia.

Clients of Car Wash "Radial":

  • stay up to 1.5 hours - free of charge;
  • for each hour - 2 BGN per hour with VAT included.

Valid for a valideted ticket in Radial 2000 car wash in Park Center Sofia.

Cliants of fitness center "Next Level":

  • stay up to 2 hours - free of charge;
  • for each hour - 2  BGN per hour with VAT included.

Valid for a valideted ticket at Next Level Fitness Center in Park Center Sofia.

It is forbidden to enter and park in the underground levels of cars with AGG.

Working hours:

Every day: 08:30 - 02:00

If problems arise with the system or questions, please contact the parking staff.