31 Oct 2017

The Brave Five – Visit Capella Play on Halloween and be brave to play with its heroes!

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The children’s area Capella Play had a special offer for Halloween!

Each and every little and big fans of entertainment are welcome to dress-up and join the adventurous time. Be Brave @ Halloween - this is the motto that we start the holiday day.

Become a part of Halloween - the show of your favorite five heroes!

Take unforgettable Halloween day with Spiderman; Halloween spells with Elsa; Halloween masks; Scary spiders-lollipops; Monster High Adventures and More Surprises – Just Come to Capella!

In the program, we have included entertaining hours with favorite children's heroes to play Halo games:

16:00 Elsa Time - Find Elsa's magic wand! Where is Olaf's nose hidden?

17:00 Spiderman Time - Go through the colorful spider network.

18:00 Emoji's Time - Dance a Shooting Emoji Pop!

19:00 Hour of Ninjago - Duel with swords!

20:00 Monster High Time - The fastest monster race for sacking.

20:30 Halloween piñata. Take part in the massive defeat of the biggest Halloween pinch, win a treat or a surprise prize.

Another part of our holiday is devoted to:

• Workshop - Tvorilnitsa: We will do masks for Halloween.

• Workshop – Zaharilnitsa: We will prepare "lollies - spiders" and "one-eyed bananas"